"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler"

Albert Einstein

IC3 is in the business of helping companies of all sizes to grow through innovation in user-centred design of products, services and marketing programmes.

Our clients are hi-tech companies in Europe and in the USA. We make them stand up on solid product & marketing foundations, stand out amid market clutter, and stand by the promise of their brands. We focus on top priorities to define practical strategies and programmes. When necessary, we roll up our sleeves to delve into the machinery for executing high priority programmes or interim missions. We think that the rigid and lengthy processes of traditional consulting are often a waste of time and money. Traditional consulting tends to build in complexity for delaying decisions and making projects last as long as possible. In contrast, our personal, agile and simple approach brings quick results and enables us to charge only a fraction of the costs billed, with mark-up, by prestigious firms. In short, we do the right thing, not the fashionable one.


  • Over 30 years of sales, marketing and R&D experience in IT and hi-tech in general
  • User-centred design of new products and creation of new markets in the high-tech sector
  • Speeches, workshops and courses (marketing fundamentals - marketing history and evolution - marketing blunders - human oriented design - creativity and innovation)

Main Services

  • MARKETING --- fundamentals - strategies - plans - foundation documents - tactical programmes - market research - segmentation - marketing communications
  • PRODUCT MARKETING --- functional specs - documentation - R&D liaison - worldwide launches - lifecycle management
  • BUSINESS PLANNING --- vision / mission - objectives - strategy - main programmes - financials

IC3 Marketing, 12 Ditton Reach, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0XB, UK
t: +44-(0)20 83 39 07 09   |    e: henri@IC3marketing.com